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Expert Childcare in Lewes

Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center is the place to go for childcare and education in the Lewes, DE, area. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping children from pre-K on up to thrive in our carefully crafted environment. We’ve taken every step to make sure this is a place your children will love, and that they will enjoy learning while they are here. Please take a little bit of time to learn more about us and our approach here on this page, and browse our website for additional details. If you’d like to meet with our team to learn more in person, contact the office at (302) 827-2563 to make an appointment.


When people visit our learning center, they are pleasantly surprised at how fresh and fun it is inside.


We have taken the time to make a space that appeals to children, so that they look forward to coming each day.

Safe learning environment

At Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center, we offer both a before-school and an after-school program to better meet your childcare needs. This flexibility in hours is helpful for working parents, and we do whatever we can to accommodate your schedule within our hours of operation. We understand each family will have a different set of needs, which is why we try to treat each situation individually. When you meet with our staff, we’ll discuss your specific requirements and how we can meet them.

When you bring your children to us, you can feel good about placing them in a safe learning center that has been carefully vetted for the sole purpose of childcare and education. Everything within our walls was specifically chosen with this goal in mind, and we are very proud of the amazing place we’ve built here! From a welcoming atmosphere, to a caring staff, to state-of-the-art technology, we have created a space that children love and parents appreciate. Contact us for a tour so you can get an up-close look at our facility. We’ll be happy to show you around.

Our philosophy and focus

When we were creating our mission and model for Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center, we wanted to make sure we were clear about our philosophy so that we could hire staff who understood the kind of place we were trying to build. Our emphasis was and always will be on creating a safe learning center that focuses on inclusion, diversity, and strengthening family bonds. We see ourselves as part of the childcare continuum, and we want to work with families to provide the highest standard of care.

Everyone we hire to work at our facility undergoes an in-depth interview process, so that we can make sure the ideas and ideals they have align with ours. We have found that carefully selecting staff members who are both experts in this arena and who understand our philosophy is the best recipe for overall success and harmony. Because of this process, we have an outstanding staff that is completely dedicated to childcare and education, as well as our core value system. Please call our office in Lewes, DE, to find out more about our approach!

Call us today at 302-827-2563 to get started!