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Contact Lighthouse On The Shore Today

Preschool Childcare Contact Information in Lewes

Thank you for considering the preschool and learning center at Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center in Lewes. We’re proud to share information about our activities, staff, and facility at any time with families in the area who are looking for an excellent pre-K center or somewhere for their young children to go either before or after school hours. 

Many families in the area trust us to take good care of their children, and we take that job very seriously here at our center. Not only do we provide excellent childcare, but we also strive to help our young participants learn during their time with us. School preparation is part of our focus, but we also have a lot of fun while we’re conducting our educational activities!

Visit us for more info

33323 E Chesapeake St Unit 37, Lewes, DE 19958


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday: 6am – 11pm

33323 East Chesapeake Street, Lewes, DE, USA


Call (302) 827-2563 today. We can’t wait to meet you!