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Our Lewes School Childcare Rates

Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center takes pride in offering a selection of childcare rates at our facility in Lewes, DE. We understand that not every family has the same needs when it comes to before- or after-school care, and we have a range of different prices that reflect that reality. We also offer a number of different programming options for your convenience.

Contact our office staff to make an appointment to talk about your specific needs. We’re always happy to speak with customers about what we have to offer, and to quote you a price based on our affordable rates. Please inquire about any special offers or discounts we may have available when you call, and also let us know how many children you would like to place at our facility in Lewes.

Before- and after-school programs

We offer both before- and after-school programs at Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center, so we have the flexibility you need to craft the childcare that works best for your family. The price you will pay is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as how many days and how many hours you will need us to care for your child. Our programming is learning-based, and it focuses on school readiness alongside inclusive participation. We strive to strengthen the family unit as a whole while providing you a safe place for your child to go when you can’t be with them.


We typically meet with parents to get a clear picture of exactly what they need before we dial in a cost for our services. We don’t want to charge you for anything you don’t need, and we’ll never try to tack on additional costs we don’t talk about ahead of time. Transparent rates are important to us, as we know everyone has a budget, and we want to be able to provide our services to as many families as possible.

Affordable classes

These rates are affordable, but they differ from our standard childcare center rates. Since the child will receive one-on-one attention, the cost will be higher, but we still strive to make these services available at a reasonable price. Again, school readiness is one of our primary focuses—but we also strive to make it fun for your child!

Our classes are taught by a dedicated, well-trained group of professional staff members who are screened and vetted for care. We handpick them so that you can feel good about who is coming into your house and spending time with your child. We have had many highly satisfied customers in the Lewes, DE, area, and we’re always happy to provide you with references if you would like to hear about the experience others have had with our Program Curriculum classes. Lighthouse on the Shore Learning Center utilizes a system of continuity of care that includes primary care throughout the day for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. Each program is based on learning centers and hands-on experiences to develop age-appropriate readiness skills.

Call 302-827-2563 for rate information!